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Agencies – in all their forms and types – can be a very protective bunch.

Sometimes their territorial and ‘creative protectionist’ instincts can cause interesting dynamics for client relationships.

Often with overlapping capabilities, and with an eye on wallet-share, encouraging agencies to work together can sometimes feel like trying mix oil and water. But it’s time to grow up guys!

Check out the meme, ‘Agency slapfest’. Have you experienced the antics?

Marketing cat fight meme

The challenges represented by ‘Agency slapfest’ relate to:

  • Integrated campaign managers charged with bringing external teams together that don’t want to play nicely
  • Account directors and managers agency-side that are encouraged to collaborate with fellow roster agencies
  • External agencies that are encouraged to work with ‘internal agencies’ whose mandate is to reduced external efforts and budget spend

This post is 1:50 from #WhenTheAgency, a witty collection of observations through the eyes of the tech marketing agency. All memes are available to drag and drop into presentations or social posts. Visitors are encouraged to share and create knowing smiles amongst your colleagues and peers.

The full library of memes for #WhenTheAgency is available here. Enjoy!

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