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For smaller, early-stage vendors with propositions that are highly scalable and globally relevant in their nature, a partner channel can seem a natural extension. It’s likely that some success has come from a channel already – either formally or informally.

The challenge comes with making it happen, at-scale, on-budget, and with full control. For many, they will under-estimate the effort, resource, budget and leadership skills required to concept, build and grow that channel.

Check out the meme, ‘Hidden burden of partners’. Have you seen or felt the overload? 

Partner Channel Meme

The challenges represented by ‘Hidden burden of partners’ relate to:

  • Content marketing functions producing assets with segues into industry care-abouts and challenges 
  • Marketing managers who are keen to express the right level of customer empathy and understanding 
  • Heads of Customer Marketing looking to be on the same page as their audience

This post is 1:50 from #WhenTheAgency, a witty collection of observations through the eyes of the tech marketing agency. All memes are available to drag and drop into presentations or social posts. Visitors are encouraged to share and create knowing smiles amongst your colleagues and peers.

The full library of memes for #WhenTheAgency is available here. Enjoy!

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