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Reducing external agency spend is a completely understandable imperative.

Especially for tech business who are in the early days of creating sustainable revenue and whose funding needs to stretch a long way.

But the skill-set and decision-making logic should be questioned when the client decides to use the internal web team to produce the creative, assets, and collateral for a campaign. Where do the technical and operational skills of the web team overlap with those charged with creating and producing an array of digital (and non-digital) elements? 

Check out the meme, ‘The wisdom of using the web team’. Have you seen or done ‘the cross’? 

In-house web team meme

The challenges represented by ‘The wisdom of the web team’ relate to:

  • Marketing and campaign managers balancing support from internal and agency resources 
  • Marketing leaders assigning budget allocations to tasks and workstreams 
  • Web team managers tasked with responsibilities beyond their traditional key capabilities and training

This post is 1:50 from #WhenTheAgency, a witty collection of observations through the eyes of the tech marketing agency. All memes are available to drag and drop into presentations or social posts. Visitors are encouraged to share and create knowing smiles amongst your colleagues and peers.

The full library of memes for #WhenTheAgency is available here. Enjoy!

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