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Why speeds and feeds don’t work on a first date for technology marketing

Why speeds and feeds don’t work on a first date for technology marketing

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‘Speeds and feeds’ is a phrase we often hear from tech marketers who are conscious that using technology features or technical integration language is not going to cut it with all of the influencers and decision makers in their target audience. The challenge with technology marketing content can be sheer...
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When content goes bad

When content goes bad – the business case for auditing your collateral

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Producing content is an expensive exercise - in terms of time, resource and ultimately marketing budget. So, how can you be sure your investment is delivering long term benefits? Not just initial enquiries, but much further and deeper than contact acquisition. An effective content strategy extends and strengthens customer relationships....
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Navigating the 3 degrees of Disruption

Disruptive tech – navigating the ‘3 Degrees of Disruption’

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‘Disruptive Technology’ is a mere two words – but with the power to change all of our lives (business and consumer). A daydream involving cloud computing, automated transportation, Internet of Things and mobile internet leaves you thinking wistfully about the innovation possibilities. This is just a snapshot of Disruptive Tech...
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