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Upcoming sales kick-off? Does this sound familiar?

Good luck and best wishes to the unsung heroes in product management, marketing, business development, strategy or sales enablement who are planning a SKO.

You’ve probably been ‘upping the ante’ throughout December and the holiday season while your colleagues have activated the OOO. Good on you and we hope you get the recognition you deserve.

Check out the meme, ‘Sales AWOL’. Press any buttons with you?

Sales Enablement Day Meme

The challenges represented by ‘Sales AWOL’ relate to; 

  • Product / programme / content marketers and sales management charged with developing influential content for the SKO
  • Sales enablement leads shaping the delivery of training and enablement days 

This post is 1:50 from #WhenTheAgency, a witty collection of observations through the eyes of the tech marketing agency. All memes are available to drag and drop into presentations or social posts. Visitors are encouraged to share and create knowing smiles amongst your colleagues and peers.

The full library of memes for #WhenTheAgency is available here. Enjoy!

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